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In Memory

Life brings memories, smiles, and tears.

The smiles will fade. 

The tears will dry.

But the memories will last a lifetime.


By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Janie Bailey (Reynolds) (Deceased 2021)  
Marcella Bailey (Jackson) (Deceased 2020)  
Patricia Batts (Shelton) (Deceased 2019)  
David Biggerstaff (Deceased 2019)  
Bob Birge (Deceased 2002)  
Don Bogan (Deceased 2016)  
Tom Caldwell (Deceased 1975)  
Dennis Chitwood (Deceased 2015)  
Barbara Click (Kiefer) (Deceased 2016)  
Stanley Clingler (Deceased 1969)  
Bob Cooper (Deceased 1995)  
Bill Cox (Deceased 2007)  
Jerry Cunningham (Deceased 2019)  
Bob Dehn (Deceased 2021)  
John Duane Denhart (Deceased 2013)  
David Fisher (Deceased 2020)  
John Flanagan (Deceased 2020)  
Tom French (Deceased 2013)  
Orba Good (Deceased 2021)  
Gloria Graves (Mikesell) (Deceased 2015)  
Mike Greene (Deceased 1993)  
Bill Handley (Deceased 2004)  
Tom Hastings (Deceased 2012)  
Ralph Hawkins (Deceased 1986)  
Dennis Heffner (Deceased 1968)  
Tom Hoag (Deceased 2014)  
Carol Hodgdon (Deceased 1966)  
Janet Hoffman (Wall) (Deceased 1993)  
Bob Hunter (Deceased 1968)  
Jack Hutson (Deceased 1992)  
Steve Jones (Deceased 2003)  
Mary Lane (Clark) (Deceased 2006)  
Johnnie Layton (Deceased 1996)  
Fred Linedecker (Deceased 2010)  
Carol McCrea (Deceased 2010)  
Bob McIntyre (Deceased 2017)  
Tim Mossman (Deceased 2007)  
Tim Newkirk (Deceased 1991)  
Richard Pedigo (Deceased 2015)  
Frank Perkins (Deceased 1992)  
Ted Quick (Deceased 2018)  
John Russell (Deceased 2007)  
Suzie Samuelson (Brenner) (Deceased 2013)  
Denis Sloan (Deceased 2012)  
Wilma Smith (McClaine) (Deceased 2015)  
John Strawmyer (Deceased 2004)  
John Stultz (Deceased 2020)  
Vaughan Townsend (Deceased 2014)  
Rose Mary Whitaker (Harvey) (Deceased 2019)  
Kenney Wolfe (Deceased 2014)  

If you are aware of a Classmate who should be added to this page please let us know.